Top Halloween Costumes for 10 year olds

Check out our Top Halloween costume for a 10 year old boy.

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Ten year olds can be tricky around Halloween. They’re still into dressing up, but it has to be cool. A PG costume is needed for Halloween at school, but something more scary is wanted for actual trick-or-treating. We hit our local Walmart in search of something that would work for my son and my pocketbook.

Costume #1

Grease Lightning: Danny

This is super easy. Most of the costume was in our closet. We did purchase a Plain black (or you can use white) t-shirt, tucked it in with rolled up sleeves.

Next we wanted greased hair, a comb in his back pocket, sun glasses and rolled jeans with tennis shoes.

Hair was a tad tricky. A lot of the on-the-shelf hair gel these days is more like putty. But, after searching the aisles, we found the perfect product.

We had success with “Fantasia Hair Polisher Styling Gel.” It kept the hair wet looking but not crunchy.

Easy, affordable and somehow still cool for a 10 year old to be for a Halloween. Here is how our look came together: “Danny” is fun and age appropriate, and school appropriate too. But, the next choice it’s not so much.

He wanted something a little scary for Halloween night.

It’s a zombie hazmat suit complete with gloves, mask and hooded suit. For under $20 this is a home run for my 4th grader.

Runner up to the hazmat included a creepy clown and a nail head doll mask you may have seen on my insta story. (Yikes!)

(Technically-he’s still 9, but we’re sooo close to double digits we’re just rounding up at this point.)

But, this hazmat suit is one that fit the bill. Because….blood. That was high priority for this 10 year old. “Mom, It has to have blood”

This one below definitely delivers. And, it also pairs well with his 6 year old brother’s Zombie Football Player costume. Done and done.

So there you have it. Our top picks for Halloween 2018. All of our looks can be found at Walmart.

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