These odd looking vegetables are often passed over at the super market. Known by many names, in Louisiana, we call them Mirlitons.

Pear shaped with a lime-green tough skin, they are sweet and almost transparent inside. But, before you can enjoy them, you have to cook them. I’ve never enjoyed them raw, though once I was offered a slice at the Farmers Market. Tasted bitter to me.

Stuffed with shrimp. That’s the Louisiana way and that’s just what I did. This time I made them stuffed but I also enjoy using just the stuffing on it’s own and not back in the shell. It’s a Louisiana Thanksgiving staple.

If you’re looking for something light, but hearty, tasty but Lent Friendly, fresh and savory-try a mirliton.

The recipe I use is tried and true. Although I don’t always have the exact ingredients on hand-it’s easy to adjust.

There are loads recipe online. You may like this one from The NY Times or Paula Dean’s version.

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