I’m Drowning in Pictures

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I am overwhelmed  with all of my digital keepsakes. Please tell me you are too. I have too many pictures of my kids. Too many to deal with and organize. The task is daunting.

I miss the good ole days of prints. It was a longer process but simpler in many ways. Easier to arrange and less photos to deal with. How do I choose  (and put them in) a format that will last for future generations? Digging through threads and threads on line is frustrating and I am no techie. Most of it makes very little sense to me.

As a mom, I tend to be organized in most areas of my life, it is a survival skill with four boys.  Yet this is taking over and making me out of control completely. I am at a total loss. Pictures…formats… don’t even get me started on the 10 second video clips. What. To. Do. ?

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