It is their Birthday; Pick Up The Phone & Call

It’s her birthday.  Pick up the phone.

If she’s your friend; if she’s your family, there is no excuse.

Do not send a text only. Do not send a text and say, “When is a good time to call and wish you a happy birthday?”

Simply pick up the phone and call your friend.

Facebook is icing on the cake, a bonus birthday wish.  However, it is not to be the only source of communication on your friend’s birthday. It is not enough. Because this is your real-life friend and she deserves a real-life call or note.

While we are on the subject of Facebook friends…

If you don’t want to say happy birthday on Facebook to somebody in your news feed- they are not your friends. Why are you friends with them on Facebook? Let them go.

Facebook gives us a false sense of friendship. These friendships are, a lot of the time, not real.  If you think you’re really good friends with someone because you’re friends with them on Facebook, think again.

If you can’t carry on a real life relationship outside of Facebook, or you don’t want to, or simply can’t be bothered- let them go. They are not your friends.

Don’t be the person who is totally awkward in real life. The one who, when seeing a Facebook friend in person, ducks and hides from them at all costs.  All the while you’ve been keeping up with everything this person has done for the past five years on Facebook; including their job, travels, kids, careers, and wishing them a HBD every year- but you don’t want to be real-life friends. Those ‘friends,’ let them go too. They are not your friends.

Don’t put those Facebook friends on the same level as your real friends, especially on your real friend’s birthday.

Real friends. That is what I am talking about. The ones you know, love and care about.  Good friends.

Real friends pick up the phone, come by if able, celebrate with you, love you and let you know they care by calling or writing and taking the time to make you feel special on your birthday.

If you don’t want to call or write your real friend; you need to reevaluate your standards for friendship. If you can’t buy a card or send a note to a friend on her birthday you’re saying  she’s not a priority. If you don’t want to call your friend for whatever reason you have; why are you friends in the first place?

If you forget, send a belated note or call when you remember, but don’t ignore it. Don’t let it go.

Be a good friend and pick up the phone on her birthday. Keep your friendship real, alive and true. Don’t water them down. It’s their birthday; pick up the phone and call.

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