Back To School Shoes

Back to school shoes:
My wish list is simple. My search isn’t always so. Plus, moms deserve new shoes too, right?

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Dressing Twins Alike, Except For Their Shoes

Identical twin boys-they are the same but different in many ways. I can tell them apart, but many people cannot, including their teachers.  Matters made worse  when I dress them alike. Opps.

But, that is a perk of having twins- right? The cuteness factor doubles when dressed alike. Alas, I needed a surefire way to tell them apart with a quick glance, even when dressed alike. Something that could help define them daily.

It came down to shoes. In different colors. Problem solved, but not as easily as it sounds.

My wish list for a school shoe is simple.  My search isn’t always so.

Shoes need to velcro

Shoes need to be sporty

Shoes need to come in toddler sizes

Shoes need to come in multiple ( or at least 2) colors

After narrowing it down and down and down…my search led me to one brand.


This comfortable, easy to get on  (by themselves), big kid-looking athletic shoe, in so many fun colors, is the perfect choice for us. shopping.jpeg3595050-p-MULTIVIEW.jpg

Blue and green again for the win.

Moms get new shoes for the school year too, right? Of course right.

It would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own favorites for back to school.  Booties, athletic shoes and slip ons are top contenders for my look this fall.

My wish list is not nearly as simple as the one for my children. There are just too many to choose from to narrow down selection to a single pair or brand. This season, I am drawn to clean lines and a low heal, imperative for running around town with kids. 330164_100_ss_01.jpeg391598_003_ss_01.jpeg



I’ll be bopping around town, living the Bene Life in some of these beauties this year. DSW is my spot for great deals and styles.

What is your ‘go to’ back-to-school shoe? Please share with me below.

These opinions are my own and are not sponsored posts. Just things I love, Bene Things, I think you’ll love them too.

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