The Nap Time Cycle

Because, the  sad day comes when those attempts to put the baby to the down for a nap are in vain. It’s a total  waste of time. Because there is no nap.  You may be able to hold on to ‘quiet time’ where you give the child an iPad and quickly jump in the shower, but, it is short lived too, just like that shower and the thought of blowdrying your hair.  

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Nap times are glorious. Even better: two naps. If your child takes two naps, give that baby a kiss. It is all kind of short lived because, eventually and suddenly those two naps a day start to fade, and then, one glorious nap just drops away. Poof. 

You’re a bit perplexed, but you manage to arrange your day around the spontaneous nap dropping  thing and then it happens: two naps merge to one.

This one nap, it’s longer and that’s cool. You rearrange your schedule. Now you’re at home for a large chunk of the day, but that’s ok.  It all works out-you like the one long nap now and everything is rosy. 

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